In turbulent times, the call for renewal of the governance of organizations is increasing.

It has been scientifically proven: a greater diversity in the organization is good for innovation, organizational results and profit. Yet there are many companies where, for example, the male-female relationship is still distorted. That’s a pity, because the potential is there.

The Diversity Company helps forward-looking companies, to attract and retain female employees and other ‘minority’ groups. This applies to all layers in the organization and not just to the top. And that is why the time is ripe for leadership in which there is ample room for male and female qualities. In short: diversity in governance.

Fortunately, competencies such as empathic ability, being able to listen, connect, people management – traditionally seen as female competencies – have gradually also become important to be embedded in Boards, Supervisory Boards and Management teams. Diversity and inclusion require leadership above all else. After all, if changes within organizations are not endorsed by the top, nothing will change.

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