Diversity is what brings us together, not what separates us

As an organization, you achieve better results with a diverse group of employees. Many organizations are now aware that they should be a reflection of society: male / female, old / young, different ethnic backgrounds and characters. New and creative ideas are created with employees from different backgrounds. Everyone has their unique view on problems and challenges.

The Diversity Company

The Diversity Company advises and supports organizations that understand that greater diversity ensures better results. An important condition is that employees work together optimally as a team. The result:

    • Improvement of the employer brand
    • Higher employee satisfaction
    • Improved operating result
    • Growth in market share

It is time to find as many practical solutions as possible to mend the imbalance in diversity within many organizations.

Practical approach, sustainable change through co-creation

When it comes down to it, old reflexes and deep convictions are cemented in the organisation and implementing an Inclusive Diversity strategy, is a change program.

The Diversity Company offers a broad approach to research, to shape and to (further) develop the facts, preconditions and culture regarding Diversity & Inclusion together with her clients. We co-create together with our clients and support them throughout the implementation.

Diversity & Inclusion are central to our approach and we connect ‘thinking’ anddoing’ within the organization.

Doesn’t diversity apply to more than gender alone?

Absolutely! By diversity we mean all aspects in which people differ from each other. These are the visible things – such as gender, age and skin color – and the less visible things, such as cultural and social background, and work styles, personality traits etc.

When there is a great diversity in the workplace, people differ from each other in all kinds of areas. That stimulates everyone to come up with innovative ideas. And that in turn promotes organizational results.

More and more women are joining the workforce nowadays. About half of the ’talent pool’ consists of women, but in the Netherlands less than 10% of top management is female! If the top management should consist of more than 30% of women, an organization appears to make 6% more profit! That is a considerable percentage.

Many companies want to attract more women, but do not know how. Or they employ valuable and well-performing female staff members who unexpectedly leave employment.