We bring ’thinking’ and ‘doing’ together. We develop a tailor-made plan in consultation with you. Because only then the best results will be realized.

We see our cooperation as a journey through a number of stations, where choices have to be made along the way. And sometimes a time-out is needed to determine which track should be followed.

We are only satisfied when the final goal has been reached. And that is, if the awareness and the road to more diversity and inclusiveness are embedded within your organization.

How do we achieve that?

Step-by-step. Neither we have a quick fix. We do have a clear approach and different solutions that we tailor for your organization.

Establish goal


Set the ‘dot on the horizon’ and the need for the change.

Write the story of the organization in year 2025 as a great place to work.

Visualize the effect on the company results.

Make a diagnosis

Diversity Scan

Base your diversity strategy on robust data and analysis.

Determine the short and long term goals.

To measure is to know and ‘what gets measured gets done’.

Co-create strategy

Plan of action

Discuss the results with responsible managers.

Identify barriers and solutions.

Determine the plan of action and the team needed for successful changes.

Implement plan

Diversity Strategy

Implement a program on an individual and organizational level.

‘Debias’ the selection process.

Train leaders, managers, HR.

Organize a female pipeline.

Make leaders responsible.

Measuring result


Create a dashboard for all parts of the organization.

Periodically run the Diversity Scan to measure progress.

Celebrate successes.

Set new goals.

Gender Diversity Index

A fact-based outcome and ‘indices’ to improve the m/f balance.

Employee research

The employees tell us whether they feel that they are being treated fairly and with respect and whether they feel they ‘belong’ in spite of their gender, age, sexual preference, etc. We measure inclusion, which means that it is self-evident in an organization that everyone, regardless of the differences, belongs and that no one is excluded. We simply get the answers. Just by asking employees. As simple as can be.

The employee life cycle

The ‘life’ of an employee in an organization starts when you hire him or her. From that moment on, it is necessary to keep the employee involved and to continue to connect.

We look at different aspects of the ‘employee life cycle’:

  • How can we improve hiring and selecting employees?
  • Do we use neutral criteria on which, for example, men and women in the organization are assessed?

The Diversity Company looks at all aspects of the employee life cycle from two sides. We do this from the process / policy side (organizational level) and from the manager and employee side (individual level).

Take, for example, the remuneration of the employees:

  • We look at whether men and women are equally rewarded for equal work.
  • Are there policies and processes installed so that unequal pay can be prevented? We look at this at the organizational level.

On an individual level, for example, we give workshops to women to ‘negotiate’ so that they get the tools and insights to dare to negotiate. Managers will be made aware that in general men are quicker and more daring in asking for a reward (such as a salary increase or a bonus), whereas women operate on the assumption that they will be ‘automatically’ rewarded for good work.