Theresa Sigillito Hollema

Associate Partner

+31 (0)6 21827458

Theresa’s passion for cultural diversity was unleashed when she relocated from the US to NL more than 20 years ago.  She turned her passion into practice and became a cultural consultant and trainer.  To work more deeply with teams, she focused on team development and since 2014, included the topic of leading and working virtually.  She works with leaders, teams and organizations to develop the competences to succeed across cultures, in teams, or virtually.

Theresa will publish a book in 2020 about leading cross-border virtual teams.   As Theresa thinks deeply about topics with the intention to understand, she explored the robust research of academia for insights and theories.  Her goal was to help business people understand how cultural diversity and distance impact when they work virtually.  She has translated these academic findings into practical applications that can make a difference for a virtual team.